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How To Maintain A Mop Bucket
By: Lee Harris


Caring for your mop bucket properly can help extend the life of the mop bucket and reduce contaminants and bacteria growth in your environment. Here are some simple steps to take in caring for your bucket:

Rinse mop buckets thoroughly after each use. Turn the mop bucket upside to dry.

Check mop buckets for cracks and cleanliness regularly. Check to see if the casters roll smoothly. If your casters are stuck or rusty replace them as soon as possible. If your casters are bad don't throw away your mop bucket because most mop bucket manufacturers sell casters separately.

Rinse your mop wringers thoroughly. It us best to hang the wringer up to dry so that they can drain completely. Check handle and pressure mechanisms regularly. Most mop bucket manufacturers sell these parts separately.

Try to have a different mop bucket for specific tasks. This reduces the mixture of chemicals and contaminants you may have in your bucket.

When using floor finish extend the life of your mop bucket by lining the inside with a trash can liner. After you're done finishing the floor you can discard the trash can liner saving you time in clean up and keeping your mop buckets free from finish buildup.

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