Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
By: Kevin Stith


Knobs are conspicuous by their presence on all kitchen cabinets and their unique styles and finishes add to the aesthetic value of the kitchen and provide the ideal environment to cook away to your heart?s content.

Gone are the days when the knobs were either flat or round. Today, you can choose from a wide array of styles and finishes available. You have the choice of high quality solid aluminum knobs with a silky smooth finish. Also available are the timeless classics with their unique cutting edge. These are the ideal choice if the ?feel of centuries? appeals to your senses.

Then there are the futuristic pieces available in solid granite to give your kitchen cabinets a firm, sturdy looks. Heat, water, and grease can take their toll on your kitchen hardware and granite can withstand their assault since it can be cleaned easily.

Do an online search and you will find knobs that can add an element of fun to your kitchen cabinets. You?ll come across unusual shapes such as twig and leaf designs, shell shapes, knives, forks, and fish.

Shopping for knobs can be an eye-opening experience. Choosing doorknobs can be like choosing accessories for a dress. You have the option of choosing knobs ranging from traditional to contemporary, from classic to funky and even what you call kids knobs. Kids knobs will definitely appeal to you if you have kids or grandkids. These adorable pieces range from monkey faces, pigs, bears, mice, enameled teddy bears, and rocking horses.

While shopping for knobs, you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, they should match the paint of the cabinet or its veneer. Next, the placement of a knob is equally important. A ?misplaced? knob can break the symmetry of the look. Also keep in mind the size of the cabinet. The size of the knob should be in proportion to the size of the cabinet. Usually, a knob between one and one and a half inch diameter proves appropriate for kitchen cabinets.

While you are remodeling your kitchen, remember that choosing the right knobs requires a keen eye for detail. These knobs not only provide the finishing touch to the cabinets, but their unique design and style adds a spark of color to your kitchen.

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